Over the past 12 years the Watchful Eye has worked diligently to impact the disproportionately high incidence of HIV infection and AIDS mortality across Brooklyn and NYC.  We have worked to keep the epidemic in the forefront of every community agenda.  Our work continues to be a direct reflection of our mission to build community level infrastructures through community mobilizing and outreach.

We have remained true to our goal of creating opportunities for a cross section of community leaders and stakeholders to jointly develop programs and activities that strengthen collaborative projects.  These projects serve to conduct and sustain HIV prevention initiatives that focus on getting people tested, educated and involved.

Through community partnerships and collaborations with local leadership our Testing Outreach and Prevention, and Red Ribbon Revitalization initiatives have resulted in our ability to…

  • Provide HIV awareness messages to over 26,000 NBA fans during the Brooklyn Net’s 2015 World AIDS Day game against the Phoenix Suns..

  • March with elected officials each year at the West Indian Day Parade to highlight the presence of HIV in our communities.

  • Collaborate with the National Faith in Action Network for an HIV awareness march and service in Washington DC.

  • Partner with the UniverSoul Circus to reach over one 100,000 attendees to promote HIV awareness every year.

  • Partner with the Kan Cobra Martial Arts Academy during their performance at the West Indian Parade.

  • Collaborate with the NYCDOH to facilitate testing opportunities at local events. 

  • Establish social networks amongst clergy, CBOs, community stakeholders and the NYCDOH to promote sustainable relationships and information sharing, ensuring community involvement in NYC Knows and other networks.

  • Promote HIV awareness and testing messages aired via personal appearances on WBLS 107.5 radio, New 12 television, Canarsie Courier, New York Daily News, Brooklyn Press, Carib News, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and the Brooklyn Daily newspapers

  • Establish linkages to care that provide access to HIV materials to young women with newborn babies and young fathers seeking services.

  • Develop a National Black HIV/AIDS Day worship service at Antioch Baptist Church on Sunday following February 7th to expand a dialogue highlighting a myriad of issues relevant to the community.

  • Develop a Faith Leaders Pledge to promote work with underserved communities while developing new relationships with CBOs and FBOs to support and promoting HIV testing. 

  • Partner with Interfaith Medical Center, Brookdale Medical Center, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, and the Provident Clinical Society to assist linkages to care.

  • Provide technical assistance to individuals, hard to reach populations and organizations who are preparing for HIV related activities and programs.

  • Install Red Ribbon Revitalization HIV ribbons along Fulton Street from Bedford-Stuyvesant to Downtown Brooklyn where our HIV awareness messages are seen by thousands of residents every day. 

  • Collaborate with the Kan Cobra Martial Arts Academy youth speaker’s bureau to spread messages of HIV awareness and testing in 10 schools throughout the school year. 

  • Partner with Walgreens pharmacies to provide HIV testing and outreach in the communities across Brooklyn.

  • Provide ongoing HIV presentations to churches, Faith Based Organizations, civic groups, community boards and anywhere that the message of HIV/AIDS prevention and education was needed.

  • Work closely with the New York City Faith in Action Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention and education to assist in service delivery to over 500 Faith Based Organizations citywide. 

  • Serve on the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s NYC Brooklyn Knows and New York City Knows Steering Committee as Chair of the Faith Based Leaders Sub Committee.

  • Collaborated with local CBOs and FBOs towards the largest Clergy Gathering to Fight HIV in New York City History; where The Reverend Al Sharpton served as keynote speaker. 

  • Cultivate collaborative partnerships with Medgar Evers College, Long Island University and Brooklyn College to facilitate the supply of HIV testing and educational forums and trainings.

Until there is a cure we will be keeping a Watchful Eye!

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